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"Prayer for Racial Harmony"

Michael G. contacted me to ask if I have prints of this angel painting. (I do.) it's part of my angel series I created in the 1990's. Michael told me he has loved this image for years, after seeing it in a deck of inspirational cards. When I asked him if there was a reason it had special meaning for him, he wrote:

“The image spoke to me for a couple of reasons. He's a child and he's a person of color. I'm African-American and it is hard to find images of angels of color. There is also the suggestion of a full moon in his halo. (I collect full moon images.)”

Dark-skinned, dark-haired, young boy angel praying, with gold halo behind his head

The halo was done with gold leaf so it would glow when it catches the light. That was the first time I had ever worked with gold leaf — it is tricky stuff! It’s so thin and light that if you just breathe on it while transferring it to the artwork, it wrinkles.

For this piece I wanted a child whose features could represent a variety of ethnicities not usually portrayed as angels. Native American, Pacific Islander, African, Asian, East Indian. The title of the painting is "Prayer for Racial Harmony“.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a print

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