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"Dash Away"

Recently I shared the first two Doberman paintings I ever did, inspired by my beautiful Jake. “Dash Away” is the third.

Unlike those first two Doberman paintings, which had not been seen again until now, Doberman fanciers might recognize this one. It was reproduced on t-shirts and sweatshirts sold at the Doberman Pinscher Club of America Nationals in the 1990’s, and is one of 6 paintings in my Doberman Notecard set.

The original painting was done entirely in watercolor. That's unusual for me, since I usually work in colored pencil. After I shared one of my portraits on Facebook recently, Patty H. sent me a photo of the framed original and wrote:

“Here is the beautiful watercolor I bought from you at the DPCA Nationals that was held at the Sheraton San Marcos in Chandler AZ back in the 90`s!!!

Still love it just as much - it hangs in my living room!!!”.

That 1991 DPCA National was the first time my Doberman artwork had ever been seen by the Doberman community.

Watercolor painting of a black and tan Doberman running joyfully, by artist Kevin Roeckl

Now available as a print.

“Dash Away” has not been offered as a print before. It's now available as a 12 x 16 fine art print.

It will only be publicly available for the month of October.

Detail of "Dash Away"

Detail of a watercolor painting of a black and tan Doberman running joyfully

If you missed my first two Doberman paintings I ever created, you can see them and read the story of what inspired me:

Jake lived an amazing life. By the end he was known and admired throughout the Doberman community. Here’s Jake’s story, illustrated with my own photos and artwork: JAKE'S STORY

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