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The Price List shows prices for the five portrait types, in a variety of sizes.

Other sizes are available. A portrait can be any size, or any shape (tall and thin for example). It doesn't have to be a standard size.

For some portrait types, Pet portraits are priced less than Human portraits. For additional individuals in the same portrait (human or animal), add 50% per individual. For an additional human, add 50% of the Human portrait price, for a pet add 50% of the Pet price.

Your portrait is unique, unlike any other. Together we will decide on the best way to portray the special beauty of your loved one. The price may be higher or lower than shown on the Price List, depending on what we decide.

Prices do not include framing or shipping.

What is included.


For examples of each type, click the thumbnail to go to it's gallery.

What's included

What is included:

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Mount and varnish

Your portrait is mounted on archival AFX board, and varnished with acrylic artist’s varnish - no need to frame with glass.

Custom notecards

A set of custom notecards, with your portrait on the front, and whatever you’d like printed on the back. The cards are blank inside. Includes 8 notecards with envelopes. Additional notecards can be ordered any time.

Professional packing service

Your portrait is professionally packed for shipping to ensure it arrives safely without damage. This includes labor, not the cost of packing materials, which are part of the shipping costs.

Shipping costs

Shipping Costs

Packing materials:

SMALL, up to 12 x 18 inches - $16.07

STANDARD, up to 20 x 26 inches - $30.86

LARGE, over 20 x 26 inches  - Contact Kevin

Postage and Insurance:

Portraits are shipped U.S. Priority Mail, insured for their full value. 

The cost of postage depends on your shipping zone (how far you are from Oregon). 

The cost of insurance depends on the value of the portrait.

CONTACT KEVIN for quote.

What's next?

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Visit THE PROCESS page
to learn about commissioning a portrait
from start to finish
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