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Little Jewels are a special type of portrait that were created to solve two challenges:

•  Clients who want to stay within a limited budget.

•  Reference photos that are too blurry or poor-quality to see detail.

I call them Little Jewels because they are small (like little precious gems) and often have splashes of bright, jewel-like colors in the pencil work. The small size and the quick, loose pencil strokes allow me to keep the cost down. They are also "no frills", they don't come with the extras that my other portrait types do, like notecards.

Fine art portrait of a Schnauzer, a head study done in colored pencil

Little Jewels are a popular choice for portraits purchased as gifts.


My portrait style is very detailed. If the photo I'm working from is blurry, I can't capture much detail in the portrait. Here's an example of a photo with a lot of clear detail, and one without. Both are photos that clients wanted to use for a portrait. The blurry photo was the only photo the client had of a beloved dog who was gone.

A photo with good detail

Photo by Tammy Del Conte

A photo with poor detail

LITTLE JEWEL portrait to the rescue!

I can work in a looser style that results in a beautiful portrait, even if you have blurry photos!

This portrait was done from the blurry photo above.

Click the portrait to see a close-up of the Little Jewel style.

More Little Jewels below....


Little Jewel portrait is $400

Human and Pet Little Jewels are priced the same.

For additional individuals in the same portrait, add 50% to the price.

Included in the price:

• Professional packing (labor)

Mounting and varnishing are available

Framing is not included.


Click thumbnails to see details.  

Below the gallery is a complete Price List.


LITTLE JEWEL portraits are small portraits done in a loose, expressive style, for a flat fee of $400. The artist chooses the size, usually around 11 x 14 inches. Larger sizes are available. Please contact Kevin for a quote on larger sizes in the LITTLE JEWEL style.

LITTLE JEWEL Pet portraits and Human portraits are priced the same.

For additional individuals in the same portrait, add 50% to the price for each additional human or animal.

LITTLE JEWELS are done on a single-color background.


The Price List shows the 5 portrait types. For more about each type, click the thumbnail to go to it's page.
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Included in the price of a LITTLE JEWEL portrait:

  • Professional packing service

  • Mounting and varnishing are extra - $28.00


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