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Types of Portraits:

Head Study is a portrait of the head and shoulders. It can also include the upper body.

A Head Study can be a human, dog, cat, or horse. Or it can be any combination of those, for example a human and dog in the same portrait.

A Head Study portrait is usually done on a plain-color background. I will suggest the colors that work best for that individual, or you may have your own background color preference. The background can also be a splash of colors that sets off the figure, or a background scene. 

Head study portrait with plain color background
Head study portrait, Doberman with colored background
Head study portrai with flower garden background



Splash of color



Pet portraits are priced less than Human portraits.

For additional individuals in the same portrait, add 50% to the price.

Included in the price:

• Mounting on archival board, and varnishing with acrylic artist's varnish

• A set of custom notecards of the portrait

• Professional packing (labor) 

Framing is not included.


These examples are arranged by size (small to large) and background (simple to complex).

Click each one to read about pricing for that particular portrait. 

Below the gallery is a complete Price List.

Splash of color or simple background scene

Detailed background scene


The Price List shows a variety of sizes. Other sizes are available. A portrait can be any size, or any shape (tall and thin for example). It doesn't have to be a standard size.

HEAD STUDY Pet portraits are priced less than HEAD STUDY Human portraits. For additional individuals in the same portrait (human or animal), add 50% per individual. For an additional human, add 50% of the Human portrait price, for a pet add 50% of the Pet price.

Your portrait is unique, unlike any other. Together we will decide on the best way to portray the special beauty of your loved one. The price may be higher or lower than shown on the Price List, depending on what we decide.

What is included.

Price List

The Price List shows the 5 portrait types. For more about each type, click the thumbnail to go to it's page.
(You are on the HEAD STUDY page)

Included in the price of a HEAD STUDY portrait:

  • Mounting and varnishing

  • Custom notecards

  • Professional packing service

More details...


What's included
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