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Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Recently I shared the first Doberman painting I ever created, “Self Portrait with Jake, 1991” along with Jake's amazing life story. This was my second Doberman painting, “Reflection”. Featuring, of course, Jake. Read more about this artwork and about Jake below.

This original painting sold quickly at the 1991 Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) National, the first show where my Doberman artwork was shown. Since then it has not been seen again publicly…until now.

Colored pencil and watercolor painting of a black and tan Doberman looking at his reflection in a lake, by artist Kevin Roeckl

About this painting

When he was young, Jake invented a sport he loved: Fishing. He would spend hours patiently stalking elusive little fish in all the ponds, rivers, and bays we visited, and gleefully making them dart through the water. He had a special gait that barely disturbed the water: tiptoeing as lightly as a fairy so as not to scare the fish, intently scanning the water for them (as he’s doing here). When he had one…POUNCE! He would dive under clear up to his chest. Whether he ever caught one, only Jake knew.

The hours I spent watching Jake fishing were my greatest joy. It was a feast for my eyes and a song in my soul. He never got tired of fishing and I never got tired of watching him. I shot hundreds of photos and created many paintings of Jake fishing, but could never truly capture the poetic beauty of Jake dancing through the water with his sleek, mirror-smooth coat brilliant in the sun, muscles rippling, and his shimmering reflection mimicking every graceful movement. I already know what heaven is.

About Jake

I had been a professional gallery artist for about 15 years when I adopted Jake, my first dog, in 1985. Jake saved my life twice in 1990 and 1991 when I became the victim in hate crimes. I was badly injured and unable to work for a year. When I started painting again all I wanted to paint was beautiful Jake….my hero. For the next few years all the artwork I did was Jake. He was my whole world. Every painting was my love song to him.

My artwork of Jake made me well known in the Doberman world. Jake started my deep love of the breed… and my Doberman art. I’m now the most widely recognized Doberman artist in the U.S.

Jake lived an amazing life. By the end he was known and admired throughout the Doberman community. Here’s Jake’s story, illustrated with my own photos and artwork.

Colored pencil and watercolor on Canson paper

20 x 26 inches

Fine art prints of "Reflection" are available HERE.

Detail of a colored pencil and watercolor painting of a black and tan Doberman looking at his reflection in a lake

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