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An Autumn mystery...

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Paula B. sent this photo and said, “I was wondering if you could tell me the story behind this gorgeous picture, which I have been lucky enough to obtain.”

This is what I told Paula…

I created this artwork as the logo for the 1999 Doberman Pincher Club of America National, which was held in Fitchburg, Massachusetts that year. (Host club: Pilgrim Doberman Pinscher Club.) The Nationals are held in the Fall so of course it was an autumn theme.

After I created the original, a limited edition of 300 fine-art prints was made from it. I individually signed and numbered each print in gold ink. That’s the signature you see in the lower right. (That tells me this is a print, not the original.)

Those prints were awarded as prizes in the various dog show classes. However, Paula checked with Laurinda, the friend she acquired the print from, and Laurinda was not at the Nationals that year. How Laurinda ended up with the print is a mystery.

"Autumn Leaves" print and two other Roeckl prints framed and hanging on a wall
"Autumn Leaves" and two other Roeckl prints

Another mystery is why Paula’s print is not numbered. Every print in the edition was individually numbered in the lower left. When I shared Paula’s print on my Facebook page, people who had won those prints at the 1999 National shared photos of their prints (like the photo shown here), which have the numbers clearly visible below the left-hand leaves.

Paula took her print out of the frame to check for a number, but there is none. As you can imagine, signing and numbering 300 prints is a bit of a project. My only theory about why Paula’s print is not numbered, is that maybe in that tedious numbering/signing process, my mind wandered and I signed a print but neglected to number it.

This the logo that was created from my artwork. It was used on the show catalogs, and on sweatshirts, mousepads, and other mementos of the 1999 DPCA Nationals.

Wishing you a Happy Autumn!

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