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"Watching Over You" guardian angel print

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A framed painting of a guardian angel hanging on the wall above a bed with pillows

A client contacted me and asked if my painting of a guardian angel, “Watching Over You” is available.

The original is hanging above my parents' bed in the house I grew up in. Dad went into a care home a couple years ago, but Mom is still living at home at 91 years old, with the support of my two sisters who live nearby, and the angel still watching over her every night.

I told my client “Watching Over You” is available as a fine art print. She was really excited and ordered one right away. I thought my fans might be interested too. This would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. A great artwork for kid’s rooms also.

Your very own Guardian Angel

to watch over you and your loved ones

day and night

with loving protection.

Fine art print of guardian angel painting by artist Kevin Roeckl

(The copyright lettering will not be on the actual print.)

Order before Feb 5 and I will add a personal inscription on the artwork from you to your loved one if you wish!

Visit this page for more details and to order:

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