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The 13 Portraits of Sheila C.

Two weeks ago I shared my portrait of red Border Collie “Reeve”, the 13th Border Collie portrait I’ve done for Sheila Conant. Here are the other 12!

The first portrait I created for Sheila was in 1996. The early ones were pen-and-inks or simple Grisaille (black and white) portraits. Later we got into some beautiful color and more intricate designs.

• Click each image to expand

1) Pen and ink of mother and puppies

“Circe” Gotrah Circaea UDT CGC with her puppies

2) Pen and ink head study

“Sunny” - Milangimbi Sunset Tay UD CGC

3) Grisaille (black and white) head study of smiling dog

“Alina” - CH Conant’s Alina UD

11 x 14 inches

4) Grisaille (black and white) full body

“Riley” - OTCH Conant’s Riley UDX TD

11 x 14 inches

5) Grisaille (black and white) head study

“Lindsay” - Ch. Conant's Hob Nob Lindsay, CDX, RE, NAP, NJP, OFP

11 x 14 inches

6) Triple portrait with two head studies and scene of sheep herding, on grey paper


19 x 25 inches

7) Full body with lawn and house windows in background, on dark brown paper

"Rain” - Ch. Conant's Forecast, RE, NA, NAJ, CD

19.5 x 25.5 inches

8) Head study with flowers on light green paper


12 x 16 inches

9) Grisaille head study in shades of brown on rust-brown paper


12 x 17.5 inches

10) Full body doing Agility


12 x 14 inches

11) Full body lying down on grass with colorful leaves


10.5 x 15 inches

12) Head study on black paper

“Rain - Ch. Conant's Forecast, RE, NA, NAJ, CD

15.5 x 14 inches

This is the latest portrait, “Reeve”.

11 x 14 inches

To see how this portrait was created, step by step, visit

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