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Phoenix and Luxx portrait in progress 2

In the last post you saw the 9 gorgeous photos Leah Hamaluk sent for a portrait of her girls…

A decision was made to use the shot of Phoenix and Luxx running side by side!

This portrait is being done in my “Little Jewel” style. It's a looser, more expressionistic style than my usual tightly detailed portraits. Little Jewels also have dashes of brighter, jewel-like colors in the pencil work.

Prismacolor pencil portrait of two Dobermans running, in progress

Phoenix was Leah’s foundation bitch. Luxx, her daughter, was from Leah’s first breeding. (Aurora Dobermans, in Canada). Luxx is in front in this portrait.

Phoenix” is BVIS Can Ch. Seven's Strekoza Pennylane, CD, RA, VC, HIC, TT, CGN, ROMC

Luxx” is AmCH, CanGCH Aurora’s Invicta

Both girls are now waiting at the Bridge.


Here are the the colors of pencils I’ve prepared to start work this morning. As you can see, there are some crazy bright colors that you wouldn’t expect to see in a Doberman. Red, orange, blue, purples.

Colored pencils and artwork of Dobermans in the art studio

My “Little Jewel” portraits have jots of bright, jewel-like colors in the pencil work

Detail of Doberman portrait, in progress

Here’s a close-up of Luxx’s face that shows what I mean.


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