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My Custom Christmas cards - 12 favorites

From 2000 to 2009 I created custom Christmas cards for clients from their own photos of their pets, with Photoshop. For the 12 days of Christmas, I'm sharing 12 of my favorites.

⭐️ I hope you enjoy them!


On the first day of Christmas

🎵 My true love sent to me 🎵

A Doberman and a pine tree

This Christmas card was created for Christine H. in 2005. I had to utilize whatever photo the client sent me, and create a holiday design from it. From Christine’s photos of her pets I created this fun holiday scene of a Christmas disaster about to happen. Check out the look on the cats’ faces! And the look of concern on the black Dobe. “Uh-oh, Mom’s gonna be mad, Phoenix!” This card features Phoenix, Cody, and two “unfurs” (the cats). I constructed the Christmas tree and decorations from scratch from my own photos.


This Christmas card was created for Carmen P. in 2001. It features her Champion show dog, “Dagger”. The snow scene was from one of my own photos, with the trees modified to frame Dagger’s head. Dagger’s bow and the Christmas tree decorations were added with Photoshop.


This Christmas card was created for Dale M. in 2003, from Dale’s photo of her fawn rescued Doberman, “Mr. Spock”. I used the Santa hat to hide Spock’s sad little chopped-off ears. Sidney and Dixie on Santa’s list were Dale’s other two dogs.


This Holiday card was created for Bob and Barbara B. from a photo of their Giant Schnauzer in 2003.


This was created from a photo by Cindy Noland ©. Cindy’s adorable photo of 5 puppies on a white background was already a winner just as it was. All I had to do was add some ribbons, a Santa hat, and design some fun holiday lettering.


This Christmas card was created for Susan T. in 2004. It features “Jeannie” from a photo taken on an Agility course, jumping through a wreath that I constructed from photos of a larger, less appealing wreath, adding pine-cones and a bow, in Photoshop.


This card was created for Susanne S. in 2004. It features her Champion Doberman “Cupcake” with her young son “Senna”.


This design of a blue Doberman puppy was created for Dale M. in 2002.


Thios card was created for Sue S. in 2005. It shows Thor leaping over the Christmas tree, with Dobe Athena and cats BJ and Gigi looking on. All of the other elements were created separately in Photoshop from my own photos, and I built the Christmas tree from scratch with LOTS of ornaments!


This Christmas card was created for Elaine H. in 2002, of her Dobermans Chelsea and Dublin. Like all the Christmas cards I’ve shared in this album, the lettering was custom-made by me with Photoshop.


This was created for Dale M. in 2005, of Doberman “Penny”. During the years I made Christmas cards for her, Dale sent some challenging photos. It was fun to put this red nose on Penny and then add the red glow to her face. I even put the reflection of it in her eyes, and lighting up the bottom of the antlers.


On the 12th day of Christmas

🎵 My true love sent to me…. This was my own Christmas card in 2005, featuring my beloved Jake (Roeckl’s Black Jake BH WAC CGC LC-11 Therapy Dog). Jake was the joy and light of my life, and inspired my love of Dobermans. My many paintings of Jake throughout the 1990’s made me well-known as an artist to the Doberman community.

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