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Mother's Day Drawing - Winner!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

I just concluded my first Roeckl product Drawing on my Facebook Fan Page and it was a success!

Kevin Roeckl's "One Hot Mama" Tote bag, available on Redbubble

The winner of my "One Hot Mama" Tote bag was Joan Konzek. It was personally signed to Joan on the inside liner, with the Kevin Roeckl signature.

I was very touched by what Joan wrote when she won and proudly shared the notification post on her own Facebook page:

“Look what I won.

Kevin is my favorite artist and I love watching his progress on his work. It is amazing. Thank you so much Kevin. I will treasure this tote.

Best Mother's Day for for sure now.”

This is just the first of many

fun contests, drawings, games, art projects, and other creative stuff I have planned. As soon as I get all the technical aspects figured out, my E-Newsletter Subscribers will also be included.

Cover pic image on Kevin Roeckl's Facebook Fan Page

In the meantime, I invite you to Follow my Facebook Fan Page so you don’t miss any of it!

My “One Hot Mama Tote bag and my other Doberman art products

can be purchased at


My original painting of the mother Doberman with puppies was commissioned by the Doberman Pinscher Club of America as the "Tommie Jones memorial trophy", to be awarded to DPCA's Breeder of the Year each year. The Tommie Jones memorial trophy is a "perpetual trophy", which means that the same trophy is awarded each year to a different person.

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