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Happy Easter!

After a busy Spring morning searching for Easter eggs,

a little girl settles down to a Sunday afternoon tea party with her teddy bears.

Colored pencil portrait of a little girl in dress and hat having a tea party with four teddy bears and silver tea service

Many years ago a friend's young daughter, Kyla, posed for this painting with her collection of teddy bears. I took photos of Kyla sitting on a sheet of cardboard (because no pavement was available at their home), on a sunny day in their vegetable garden. I took many shots of Kyla's bears (she had lots!) posed in different configurations, and then created this arrangement in the studio from my many photos. I created the colorful flower garden from scratch, an example of how custom backgrounds can be created around a subject.

The portrait of Kyla was purchased by her grandmother. One of the things she loved about it was that Kyla inherited "her grandpa's hands" --- a distinctive way of holding the teacup that was unique to her beloved husband.

Detail of Colored pencil portrait of a little girl in pastel-colored dress and  pink straw hat with flowers

"Kyla's Teaparty" was reproduced on a number of giftware products: suncatchers, candle-holders, framed prints, and more, by giftware company Gallery Graphics.

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Prints of “Kyla’s Teaparty” are available. Contact me for more info.

Closeup of teddy bears at a tea party with silver tea service

🐣 Happy Easter! 🐣

🌸🌷🌷Happy Spring!🌷🌷🌸

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