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"Beribboned Hat"

When I began painting my beautiful Doberman Jake in 1991, I had already had a successful gallery career for 15 years, doing human figures. Recently I shared with you my completed portrait of Chloe, a red Doberman leaping into a river, for client Doug P.

Last week when Doug (whom I had never met in person) and I were planning to meet halfway between our two states to hand over the portrait, Doug sent me this photo. It’s one of my gallery pieces, titled “Beribboned Hat”.

Doug wrote,

“I bought this piece of art at the Candy Stick Gallery late Fall 1983. I bought the piece as soon as I saw it. I have never really done that before, or since. I have looked at, and loved this piece pretty much every day. Seems like we are completing a circle tomorrow.”

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