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Phoenix and Luxx portrait in progress 3

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Today’s work in the studio, with Leah's reference photo in front of me on the monitor while I'm working.

Colored pencil portrait of Dobermans running, with pencils, work table, and monitor, in Kevin's art studio

When a portrait is finished I send high-resolution pics of it to the client for approval. Occasionally they will request minor changes. Since I also share in-progress pics as I go along, sometimes the client catches something earlier, that needs to adjusted. When Leah saw the latest, she pointed out that Luxx’s collar needs to be darker....

Colored pencil portrait of two Dobermans running, in progress

From what I could see in the reference photo, both girls are wearing the same color collar. Leah told me that in reality, Phoenix’s collar was fuchsia and Luxx’s collar was burgundy. Leah just sent me this photo of their collars to show the difference.

Reference photo of dog collar colors

That helps a lot!

The burgundy collar at the top is Luxx's collar color. The middle collar is Phoenix's color.

The process of creating a portrait is truly a collaboration between the client and me, from beginning to end.

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