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Cooper portrait in progress 6

Cooper's blue collar added. I could have made the collar any color, but blue worked well with the colors in this portrait.

To make these “in-progress” jpgs I scan the actual artwork on a high-end scanner after I finish working on it each day. Usually some adjustment with Photoshop is needed in to make the colors accurate to how the art looks in real life. Usually I'm very confident that I've adjusted the jpgs to look accurate to the art (at least on my monitor, no promises about yours) but I’m really struggling to adjust the color on this one. If I adjust it so Cooper looks exactly like the actual artwork, that strange yellow-green background is really off. I adjusted it as closely as I can but I have no idea how it may look on anybody's device!

(But it does look really good in person. 🙂👍)

Colored pencil portrait of black and tan Doberman running, in progress

A surprise gift from Maura Reilly to Diane and Michael Schurman.

"Cooper”  - Can. Ch. Gatehouse Black Friday. 

Colored pencil on "Anise" Canson paper, 9.5 x 14.5 inches.


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