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Cooper portrait finished!

This portrait was a surprise gift from Maura Reilly to Diane and Michael Schurman. On Facebook Diane wrote:

“You’ve made Michael and I so happy with this absolutely stunning portrait Kevin. These peeks behind the scenes are fascinating. Thank you for everything! And a HUGE thanks to the wonderful Maura Reilly of Gatehouse Dobermans for this completely unexpected and gratefully appreciated gift!  You are very special people!”

Colored pencil portrait of a Doberman running, in progress in Kevin's  studio with colored pencils and color swatches

Colored pencil on "Anise" Canson paper, 9.5 x 14.5 inches


is Canadian Champion Gatehouse Black Friday.  

🐕 Bred by Maura Reilly and Stephan Olschewski - Gatehouse Dobermans.

❤️  If you missed the story of this special Doberman, read it HERE.


Cooper's portrait is a “Full Body” portrait, one of my 5 portrait types. Often a Full Body portrait like this is done on a plain single-color background. One of my options is to add a “simple background scene” which is a brief suggestion of a scene, rather than “Fully Detailed Background”, another of my portrait types. For some portraits, all it needs is a sketchy suggestion to place the subject in a scene. Anything more than that would take away from the impact of the subject. Cooper’s portrait is one of those.

🎨  See my 5 portrait types HERE.


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