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Cooper portrait in progress 5 - Emerging...


Now that Cooper’s face is emerging, you can see why I wanted a background color that is a bit “wild”. 

Detail of colored pencil portrait of black and tan Doberman, in progress


Cooper’s face completed. 

It was a huge help to have Diane's words about Cooper. He reminds me of my Troy, a dog who grabbed life with both hands. I held Cooper’s personality and spirit in my consciousness while working on his face…and that really helped me capture his expression and joy. 

Colored pencil portrait of black and tan Doberman running, in progress

When I sent these in-progress pics to Maura, she replied:

“These are great! You are so talented! I can't wait for Diane to see the final version!”

❤️  Surprise gift from Maura Reilly to Diane and Michael Schurman.

🎨  Prismacolor pencil on "Anise" Canson paper, 9.5 x 14.5 inches

Read Diane’s beautiful story about this special boy.


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