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Cooper portrait in progress 3 - Starting at the top...

In my last post I shared some of the unusual paper colors I was considering for Cooper’s portrait. It was fun to read your contrasting opinions about the color you liked best. It was a tough decision to make. There were a couple of colors I was tempted to use, they would have been fun. But in the end I felt this color, "Anise" was the best. I presented my top choices to Maura and tried not to sway her toward Anise, but she too felt that was the best choice.

Prismacolor pencil full-body portrait of black and tan Doberman running, in progress

Outlines drawn on the "Anise" paper, and I started with the ears, as I usually do.

Prismacolor pencil on "Anise" Canson paper

Surprise gift from Maura Reilly to Diane and Michael Schurman.

“Cooper” - Canadian Champion Gatehouse Black Friday. 


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