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Chloe portrait in progress 5

I’ve finished the rocks and cliffs. That took me a couple days longer than I expected it would. As I worked my way along the waterline I also put in some of the reflections of the plants and rocks.

All of this is with colored pencil over the underpainting — a previous step I did which gives me large areas of green for the river, blue-green for the distant forest, and dark blue for the shadowed parts of the cliff. Doing that underpainting over the grey paper saves me a lot of work putting in those colors with colored pencils. The top of the painting will be cropped, so you are seeing the grey paper there which won’t be part of the finished portrait. Also you see the tops of the underpainting, with some of my test swatches with colored pencils on them along the top of the painting.

Portrait of a red Doberman leaping into a river, in progress


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