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Triumph TR3 portrait in progress 5

There is a whole lot of detail in the front of the car. I did the grille, grille emblems, and most of the bumper yesterday.

Now working on the right end of the bumper. You know what’s reflected in that end? (Keep scrolling down to find out...)

Colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3 in progress in Kevin's studio, with colored pencils

It’s Joe’s house!

That little blue and black dot in front of the house is Joe taking the picture, wearing blue pants and a black shirt.

The details in this tiny bumper reflection are smaller than my sharpest pencil point. (Compare to the thin pencil lines in the tire.) “How does Kevin do it?” you ask? I sharpen the pencil as sharp as it gets, then barely dot the paper with one “corner” of the sharp point. Just enough to rub a tiny jot of pigment onto the rough “tooth” (surface) of the paper. Then I hit it again if I need to.

Years of practice.

Detail of a colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3, in progress

Oh, I forgot to mention, I did the red interior a few days ago. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. And that gives some color to a portrait that is mostly greys, blues, black and white.

Colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3, in progress

Now I’m putting in the shape of the house stretched over the curve of the fender.

When you look at a shiny black car, what you are mostly seeing are reflections. There’s actually very little black in this fender. There are blues (from light to dark), browns, and a lot of different greys.

Detail of a colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3, in progress

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