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Triumph TR3 portrait finished!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Triumph TR3 portrait for Joe Policastro.

This is the second car portrait I’ve done. I enjoy doing cars. It’s a nice break from what I usually do.

In a way, a car portrait is easier than a human or pet portrait, because I don’t have to worry about capturing emotion and expression. In a way it’s much harder, because there is so much detail that has to be captured with absolutely accurate precision. In a human or pet portrait, the face has to be done with accurate precision, but the rest of the body not so much. With a car every part of it has to be pin-point accurate. If a tire was a bit lopsided, or the grille was a little bit slanted, it would jump out at you like a flashing neon sign.

Colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3 car
Prismacolor pencil on grey Canson paper, 14 x 20 inches

After receiving the shipped portrait on Nov 8, Joe wrote:

Hi Kevin,

None of the photos you sent did the actual art work justice. It is amazing and could not be more delighted with it.



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