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Remmy portrait in progress 20

You may remember the portrait of Remmy I was working on through Feb and March. After an injury in March I had to close down my studio April 1. It’s been a rough five months. Finally I’m feeling good enough to get back to work in the studio! I can only work about 10-15 minutes a day, so it’s slow progress.

When I stopped work on Remmy’s portrait, the only thing left to do was the lower half of the river surface. This week I managed to do the river ripples behind lower-right Remmy, that took 2 days, then I had a setback and was not able to work the rest of the week. Today I got back to work. Once I got going I felt inspired….and I did angel Remmy’s halo....

"Angel Remmy" is the reflection of “Mona Lisa Remmy” dashing through the water.

Colored pencil portrait of Doberman in progress

These pics were taken in the studio with my phone so the quality is not very good. I'm not physically able to scan the portrait on my scanner at this point.

Detail of colored pencil portrait of Doberman in progress

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