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Rare portrait in progress 3

Continuing work on this grisaille portrait of red Doberman "Rare".  

Grisaille (pronounced greez-EYE) is a single-color artwork: dark and light tones of one color, on a mid-tone background. In this case rust-brown on tan paper. Grisaille is my most affordable portrait type. I think it is under-appreciated, grisaille can be a very beautiful portrait while at the same time keeping costs down. You can see more of my grisaille portraits in my Grisaille Gallery.

Colored pencil portrait of a Doberman in shades of brown, in progress

Prismacolor pencil on Fabriano Tiziano paper

17 x 21 inches Portrait of "Rare" for Katie G.

⭐️  Read yesterday’s post for the beautiful story of this portrayal of Rare.


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