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Odie portrait in progress 1 - gathering the photos

My next portrait is Odin (“Odie man”) for Robin B. As Robin was gathering photos and sending them to me, she kept saying, “His face melts my heart” and “His eyes melt my heart”. I can see why. They melt mine too.

Client's photos of a natural-eared red Doberman with a cute face

Robin wrote:

“You saw the picture on Facebook of his adoptaversary. I'm not sure if you could tell what a scared little boy he was. He had been dumped in a shelter and as you probably know, some dobermans just do not survive in that environment. Odin was one of them. When Dobie Ranch Rescue pulled him a week later (as soon as they were able) he had not eaten for a week while in the shelter. As soon as I heard his heartbreaking story and saw his pictures, I knew I wanted him but wasn't sure how our other male Kirby would deal. We were originally going to foster him until we could determine if he and Kirby could get along (they don't) but the Rescue was concerned about uprooting him again so I said we would just go ahead and adopt and work it out. We have been "working it out" ever since, but I haven't regretted a day with him and would do it all again. He has been a blessing.”


On his adoptaversary post Robin had written:

Happy 7 year adoptaversary to my special red headed mamas boy. He and I were definitely meant for each other. He is my ❤️.


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