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Moto and Candy portrait in progress 9

Today I’ve got Moto’s reference photos on the monitor.

Working on Moto’s left eye. The photo at the bottom is the main photo I'm using. The others are to help me understand the shape of his eye, and his eye color. I always put my main pic at the bottom of the screen because that's where my eye hits first when I glance up. I glance up and then back down over and over as I'm working on a portrait.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman and red Doberman in progress, with reference photos on a monitor

It's interesting when just the eyes and the area around the eyes are finished, but the rest is still just a sketch:

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman and red Doberman, in progress

You can see all the colors that are in a red Dobe’s coat on the highlighted parts of his head. Mauves, varying shades of mushroom grey, blue grey. And of course browns - chestnut brown, rust brown, dark blue-brown.

When I stopped work in the studio for the day and sent James these pics, he wrote back:

“They look absolutely fantastic.

Moto truly brings a tear to my eye.

Thank you Kevin.”


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