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Moto and Candy portrait in progress 7


Damn, I dropped my pencil while working on Candy today. Did you think my life is all just fun-and-games? LOL

It flipped end over end and hit sharp-point-down next to Candy’s cheek. A just-sharpened black pencil. I love it when that happens and it just happens to hit where I’m going to color in black anyway. Not this time.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman, in progress

It’s not easy to fix - it gouges the paper fibers. I carefully scratch it away with the tip of a sharp X-acto knife to get rid of most of the black pigment that would smear when I try to erase it. Then I erase the heck out of it. It’s “mostly” gone by then. Then I touch up with a sharp pencil that is the exact same color as the paper.

No one will ever know.


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