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Moto and Candy portrait in progress 6

Working on Candy’s neck today in the studio. Reference photos of her neck and throat on the monitor.

The main photo I'm using (the big one on the left) is actually a Photoshop composite of two different photos...the beautiful head shot James wanted to use, combined with a different neck and body, because in the head shot she was lying down with her front paws out in front of her and her neck and shoulders were all bunched up. You can see the bunched-up neck "behind" the neck and body that I added from another shot. That other shot, the "neck and body" I used, is at the far right on the monitor.

You might not be able to see it, but the neck - at the throat area - doesn't match exactly in the reference pic. So I'm also looking at the other photos to see how her throat area flows into her neck. See the next two pics to judge if I was successful....

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman in progress in Kevin's studio, with reference photos on the monitor

Working in from the sides…

Those blank spots on either side will be filled in with solid black. I go back and do those when I finish up for the day.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman, in progress

I’m going to quit here, for today. I find a stopping point where I can pick up the next day that makes sense to me. Her neck is finished. There is no dividing line between a dog’s neck and their chest.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman, in progress

Sometimes I wish I could leave a portrait partly finished like this. I like the way it looks.


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