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Moto and Candy portrait finished!

I finished the double head-study portrait of Moto and Candy for James Barron.

GCHB. Marienburg's Arm Candy

GCH. Caryola's Major Dickason

Fine art head-study portrait of a red Doberman and a black Doberman, done with colored pencil on Canson paper by artist Kevin Roeckl

This portrait was done from reference photos by Rita Kay Adams.

After seeing jpgs of the final portrait, James wrote:

“Kevin, I think Moto and Candy look absolutely fantastic.

Thank you so very much.”


I email high-resolution jpgs of a portrait to the client for approval when it’s finished. There were a couple of things that jumped out at me when I made the jpg to send to James, that didn’t bother me looking at the finished portrait in my studio. The last step in my process is to tape the finished portrait up on the wall and stand back like you would see it hanging on the wall of your home, and do final touch-ups until I’m completely satisfied with it. Which I was. But a couple areas when I made the jpg bothered me. So I’ll look at the portrait again in the studio in good light. No matter how I adjust jpgs for accuracy, they never look as good as the artwork in real life. So probably it’s fine just as is. If so, I’ll start the mounting and varnishing process. If something still bothers me about a portrait after the client has already approved the final jpgs, I’ll ask their opinion before I do any changes. Long ago I learned not to present a finished portrait to a client by saying, “Do you think the left widget should be darker? Or that horizontal line looks funny?” because they will ALWAYS respond, “Oh yeah. That left widget needs to be darker. And that horizontal line looks funny.” LOL


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