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Louie portrait in progress 7

Louie is finished and I’ve drawn the outlines of his blanket. You may remember that this will capture the golden morning light of Dean having coffee with Louie on his deck...with Louie in a full scene.

I chose "Bisque" Canson paper to work on because this paper color will lend the rich warm glow of it's golden-brown color to the whole artwork. I'm using Prismacolor pencils; pencils are a "transparent" medium (little bits of the paper color show through the tiny gaps in the pencil strokes)...that's like mixing a little bit of this golden color with every pencil color I use.

A professional artist I knew when I was just starting my career as a gallery artist, worked in acrylic paint and he mixed a little bit of what he called "the mother color" with every color he used in a painting. That helps pull the entire artwork together and makes all the colors harmonious. The "mother color" for this one is the color of golden morning light.

Colored pencil portrait of a black Doberman on golden-brown Canson paper


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