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Lacy portrait in progress 15 - The rocks are killin' me

Have spent several days working on the rocks and pebbles at the bottom of Lacy's portrait. And adding the water lapping at the edge of the shore. In the middle of that process…working my way across from the left to the right....

Bottom half of a portrait of a Doberman, in progress

 The rest of the shore (on the right side) and that last little bit of water above it, is the underpainting - blue for water, chestnut brown for shore - and I'm adding the details with colored pencil over that base color.

Oh, and there’s the dragonfly hidden in Lacy’s reflection! (See my previous post if you missed that.)

Double portrait of Lacy, for Betty Krachey.

Colored pencil and watercolor underpainting on Canson paper

20 x 26 inches

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