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Lacy portrait in progress 14 - A hidden surprise

Now you can see the surprise hidden in Lacy‘s reflection!

Betty requested that a dragonfly be included somewhere in the artwork. (see second pic for a close-up )

Closeup of the standing Doberman figure, and a dragonfly silhouette hidden in her reflection in a river, in a portrait of a Doberman, in progress

I'm continuing to add colored pencil strokes to make ripples, over the watercolor underpainting you saw in previous posts. I love the way ripples break up the reflections of the golden sunset clouds and the blue evening sky above them into these beautiful colors — golds/peaches/pinks…and aqua blues/purple-blues — that interweave with eachother because of the movement of the water. Throughout my whole career I’ve loved capturing reflections in water, and have specialized in that. I love the way the water movement breaks up everything it’s reflecting into graceful abstract shapes.

Closeup datail of colored pencil strokes forming water ripples, dragonfly silhouette hidden in the portrait of a Doberman


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