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"Gwen & Kent" portrait in progress 5

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Finished Gwen’s suit, and now starting on Kent.

It was kind of interesting doing a pale-grey suit on pale-grey paper. The suit, as you can see, has a touch of blue to it, where the paper has a touch of yellow. But the “value” (lightness/darkness) of Gwen’s suit is almost identical to the paper. If you squint your eyes at the pic you can see that. The suit disappears into the background except for the dark shadows in the pant-legs and under the arms. That’s how I judge “values” when I’m trying to see where a figure is lighter or darker than the paper I’m working on — I squint and blur my eyes until the color nearly disappears and what I see is the value: the lightness-darkness of the tones.


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