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Cooper, Addie, and Rio portrait in progress 6

Working on the mountain, with some pinks and muted lavender-greys. (Indicated by the bracket.) Putting in the details over the lavender-grey underpainting with colored pencil. The underpainting gave me my base of a pale lavender-grey to work on. The forested slopes and lake are still just underpainting on the grey paper.

The mountaiin peak in a portrait of SAR Dobermans in progress with Prismacolor pencils

Do you remember when I made the underpainting on the mountain and lake, to save myself a lot of coloring with pencils?

On the left is the underpainting on the grey paper. On the right is the finished scene with colored pencils over the underpainting. You can see how the underpainting gave me the base color to work on, and then I could just put in the details of the mountain, the forested slopes, and the lake, without having to color in really solid to completely hide the grey paper with lighter colors. I used the underpainting to give me the basic color of each (mountain, forests, lake) and then put in some pretty colors with pencils to complete it.

Before and after pictures of the mountaiin peak in a portrait of SAR Dobermans

I underestimated how blue the lake needed to be, and I did have to color pretty hard with some pale blue and light-bluish-green to get that looking right. Still, it was a lot easier than coloring over the paper’s darker grey. I judged the color and “values” of the mountain and distant forest just right.

See my Blog post In progress 2 if you want to read about “values”.

A close-up of the finished mountain and lake:

Close-up of the background mountain lake scene in a portrait of SAR Dobermans

The pic below shows how the whole painting looks now, with the mountain peak, forested slopes, and lake finished. That really gave depth to the scene!

I'm now working on Cooper’s head study. Starting with his ears.

Portrait of 3 Search-and-Rescue Dobermans in progress


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