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Chloe portrait in progress 8

All the pencil colors I’m going to use for Chloe, a red Doberman.

Some of the brighter oranges will be for places where the bright sunlight is hitting her rust markings. The mushroom-greys are for shadowed parts of her brown coat. In the next pic you can see what I mean.

Prismacolor pencils for portrait of a red Doberman

I masked off the figure of Chloe so I could put in a smooth wash of green underpainting (watercolor over the grey paper) for the river, leaving the grey paper showing where Chloe will be.

I have filled in the details of the rocks on the grey paper with colored pencils, and now I am working on Chloe on grey. “Felt Grey” Canson paper takes every pencil color really well. That particular paper has been a favorite of mine all the years I’ve been working on Canson paper with Prismacolor pencils. It has little flecks and fibers in it, which you can see here in Chloe’s body in this close-up.

Detail of a portrait of a red Doberman leaping into a river, in progress


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