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Chloe portrait in progress 7

This is the ball-splash from an orange ball entering the water.

There are two very important elements in this portrait of Chloe leaping into a river. Chloe, of course….and the ball-splash from the ball hitting the water. I really concentrate on those two elements to make sure I get them right: detailed and accurate. I put a lot of effort into the subject in every portrait, of course, to capture the look and essence of that special individual. In this painting the details of the ball-splash are very important too. Those two things - the leaping Doberman and the ball-splash - “tell the story” of this artwork.

Chloe is a crazy redhead, a “pedal-to-the-metal” kind of dog,

so that tells the story of Chloe’s personality too.

Doug sent me two photos that captured the ball-splash at the precise instant it hit the water. I have both in front of me on the monitor for reference. The one on the left is from the main photo we’re using.

Ball-splash in a portrait of a red Doberman leaping into a river, in progress in Kevin's studio

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