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Chloe portrait in progress 6

I’m adding the amazing turquoise color the rivers have in Humboldt County, in northern California. Fishermen call that color "steelhead green” because it’s the color they see in the Fall when the steelhead (salmon) start running. The main reference photo I'm using for this artwork doesn’t show that turquoise color, because it was taken later in the summer when there is more algae in the water, giving it a warmer “fluorescent olive-green” color. So I’m using some of Doug’s other photos that capture the turquoise color better, as reference photos.

I've added the turquoise color to the river where it goes around the bend into the distance. The nearer part of the river will be summer green....the green that I've put there as an underpainting.

Portrait of a red Doberman leaping into a river, in progress

These are Doug's photos that capture the turquoise color of the water. I used to live in Humboldt County, so I'm very familiar with that striking color the rivers get there.

Reference photos of river color

At work in the studio....

The pencil colors I've been using so far, are on the right-hand sheet of paper. The turquoise greens I pulled out to use today are on the left. Reference photos are on the monitor: the main reference pic at the bottom, the turquoise-color shots above it.

Portrait of a red Doberman leaping into a river, in progress with reference photos on the monitor


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