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Baxter portrait finished!

I finished the portrait of Baxter for Brian C. and Frank A.

While I was working on it Frank sent this cute story about Baxter:

“I thought I’d let you know about something Baxter does that really connects the two of us. I was sitting with him one day on the couch, and he looked at me so intently. I grabbed his face in my hands, very closely, and stared into his eyes. We were locked. I “flicked” my tongue out and back in quickly. He repeated it. I did it again. He copied. I “flicked” twice. He mimicked me. I repeated, one, then two, and mixed it up and he never missed a beat. It ends by me giving him a big comfort hug and telling him how special he is to us. Our family and friends are always surprised at this connection. He is so smart.”

Watercolor and colored pencil portrait of a tan dog lying on a purple blanket

Watercolor and colored pencil on “moonstone” Canson Mi-Teintes paper

11 x 14 inches

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