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Fine Art print, 13 x 17 inches.

Reproduced from an original watercolor painting by Kevin Roeckl.

This original painting sold quickly at the 1991 Doberman Pinscher Club of America (DPCA) National, the first show where my Doberman artwork was shown. Since then it has not been seen again publicly…until now. 

The Story Behind the Art

The model for this painting was my beautiful Jake (1985-1997). Jake loved “fishing” more than anything else. It was a sport Jake discovered when he was young, and he indulged in it every chance he got. Every pond, stream, lake, river, and tide-pool we visited, he spent hours stalking the elusive little fish….tiptoeing lightly to not scare them, intently scanning the water, and when he had one, pounce! He would dive his head under clear up to his chest. Fishing not only made Jake’s heart sing, it made mine sing as well. The poetic beauty of a magnificent Doberman dancing through the water, with his sleek coat shining, muscles rippling, and his reflection mimicking every graceful movement — I never got tired of watching him. I spent the rest of Jake’s life trying to capture the beauty of that in paintings. Every painting I did was my love song to him.

"Reflection" is printed in my digital studio with archival inks on archival, heavyweight, matte paper. The quality of each print is personally inspected by me to ensure that the colors are as vibrant and accurate as possible.


Your print is shipped flat in a special cardboard mailer, U.S. Priority Mail - $16.00

(TOTAL $95.95)

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Print of an original painting of a Doberman looking at his reflection in a river, by artist Kevin Roeckl

Detail of "Reflection"

Detail of a clored pencil and watercolor painting of a Doberman looking at his reflection in a lake
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