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Triumph TR3 portrait in progress 4

I’ve worked my way up the hood, putting in the reflections....working from left to right, as I always do. Lots of complex reflections of sky and trees that were surrounding the car. That dark area at the top of the hood (just under the windshield) is the dark windshield reflected in the shiny hood.

Then I added the windshield pillars and the car’s soft top. Now I'm adding reflections in the glass of the windshield.

Colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3 in progress

Here’s a close-up so you can see how those abstract shapes of trees and blue sky on the windshield give the appearance of reflections on the glass.

I paused my work in the studio to make this jpg as I was working on that part. Working across the top of the windshield, just under the soft top, going from left to right.

Detail of a colored pencil portrait of a Triumph TR3, in progress


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