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The view from my art studio

My pencils, my trusty pencil sharpener, and wild rhodies blooming outside the window.

The view from the Kevin's studio, with pencils, pencil sharpener, and wild rhododendrons blooming outside the window

I am not a gardener (although I love gardens). And it’s pointless to plant anything nice with the deer coming through here anyway. So it’s a big deal for me to see flowers blooming from my windows. Nature does it all, I can take no credit for it.

The full view from my art studio window, wild rhodies blooming on the edge of the forest.

On the left are ferns and wild cucumber. The tallest bush on the left is blueberry, one of the few domestic plants on this property. It’s tall because that’s the only part the deer can’t reach. It grew tall to survive. I guess we all do the same, in our own ways.

photo of wild plants outside Kevin's studio window

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