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Tanner portrait finished!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Finished portrait of Tanner for Tammie Wolf.

Tanner is a 3 year old rescue who loves to curl up and sleep with his big brother Doberman, Jackson. When I asked Tammie to tell me about Tanner and what she wanted to capture in his portrait, she said she loves Tanner’s "cute little freckles” on his nose. She wrote: ”This sweet boy is about 3 and a half years old and is only just getting where he cuddles and demands petting. He has only found his motor in the last couple of months. He is a rescue that I picked up off the street at about 6 months old.”

Prismacolor pencil portrait on Canson paper of an orange cat under a blanket, by artist Kevin Roeckl
14 x 26 inches

This is the third portrait I’ve done for Tammie. She really has an eye for picking out photos that will make appealing artwork, and that are unusual for a portrait. The composition of this piece is very nice --- I have Tam’s photo to thank for that. The folds of the blanket coming from the right carry your eye to Tanner’s face. That little bit of brick-red at the far right of the fleece gives a nice balance to all the orange of Tanner. And the blues in the blanket counterbalance what would otherwise be an all-earth-tone color scheme - pinks, mauves, browns, oranges. And Tanner’s face right in the center with an engaging expression, perfectly framed by the curved stripes of the blanket folded around him and that big chunk of black shadow along the left edge of his orange coat.

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