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Storm portrait in progress 7

Two days ago: this is how the portrait looked when I finished work in the studio for the day. All that’s left to do is Storm’s chest and shoulder. That will go quickly, because I’ll fade it out to the grey paper with fast scribbly strokes.

Colored pencil portrait of a Border Collie dog, in progress

Today's work: bringing the left side of her black body around…coming into the home stretch on this portrait.

Colored pencil portrait of a Border Collie, with pencils and other art supplies in Kevin's art studio

Cathy’s response:

So, I checked my messages for the night, and I get to see beautiful Storm!

I showed Storm and she agrees it looks very stunning!

It’s so much fun to get acquainted with a new friend and discover new things together. You know, Storm just loves to use her nose and seek out smells with so much intrigue. Sometimes she inhales with so much force, I just wonder what she is thinking about what she has found. I’ll never know.

My best to you from Cathy and the gang, Storm and Raven


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