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Remmy portrait in progress 19

My studio has been closed for 3 months. I’ve been sharing progress on Remmy’s portrait with you since February. So I will also share about my health issues that have stopped me from working…because that’s part of my process too.

At the end of March I was laid up with a painful neck injury, unable to draw, and my work on Remmy came to a stop. I send in-progress pics to clients almost every day, but I was backlogged on writing captions, etc. for these posts. So the in-progress pics of Remmy’s portrait you’ve been seeing the past 3 months were actually done before the injury.

My previous Blog post was the last picture I took before I had to stop working on April 1.

Remmy’s portrait was only about 3 days away from finishing. It broke my heart my heart to stop when I had such momentum. I had put my heart and soul into capturing Remmy for three months. I forged such a deep connection to him through working with Walt and Frann, who loved him so deeply. I came to love Remmy too. From focusing so intensely on him day after day, week after week, I knew the look of his face and the deep soul in his eyes as well as I knew my own dogs.


I took this picture yesterday.

The studio windows are closed up, the monitor is dark.

It makes me sad to go into my studio – my “happy place” – where I have not been able to work for almost three months… and don’t know when I will be able to work again. And it makes me sad to see Remmy‘s portrait…sitting there unfinished so close to completion. So much of my time, and attention, so much of my energy, and so much of my heart, went into it.

Colored pencil portrait of Doberman in progress on worktable in Kevin's studio

The studio door has been closed for weeks. I’ve had to go in there a couple times to get something from a shelf….and it hurts my heart to see Remmy sitting there. It hurts my heart so much I look away quickly. I feel such a longing to be in the studio again. I don’t like to even go in there. It hurts so sharply.


I talked with Frann and Walter this week. They told me not to worry. Frann said, “It will get done when it gets done”.



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