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Rare portrait in progress 1 - Starting a "grisaille"

I'm starting a new grisaille portrait of red Doberman “Rare” for Katie G. 

Grisaille (pronounced greez-EYE) is a single-color artwork: dark and light tones of one color, on a mid-tone background. In this case rust-brown on tan paper. 

Rare is portrayed working, in her tracking harness. I started with Rare's tail. Her face, which will be the last part of the portrait I do, will tell you everything you need to know about this girl….

Colored pencil portrait of a Doberman in shades of brown, in progress

Prismacolor pencil on Fabriano Tiziano paper

17 x 21 inches

Grisaille is my most affordable portrait type. I think it is under-appreciated, grisaille can be a very beautiful portrait while at the same time keeping cost down. See more of my grisaille portraits in my Grisaille Gallery

The reference photo I'm using was taken by Debbie Christoff - Pawsitive Impressions Photography.

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