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Rare portrait finished!

Finished grisaille portrait of Rare for Katie G.


CH Old Drum’s Vintage Whiskey Ridge CGC NAJ ROM WAC SCN SHDN

March 2, 2011 - May 30, 2023

Katie’s words tell why Rare’s intensity and expression in this special portrait was so important to her:

“I have been fortunate to have had a few ❤️ dogs, but nowhere near what this girl came to mean to me. She was totally my dog and my shadow. The sweetest dog anyone could ask for. She never complained when her rear legs no longer could hold her up, only the few raspy barks because she was frustrated that she could no longer will them to allow her to stand. She never complained at all the times she would stumble and fall, only look at me with her apologetic face and try her best to get back up. This, my champion girl, the dog who loved the breed ring and her breeder/handler Ali Doughty. All the laughs we had traveling and Rare’s antics. 

But…it was her eyes…the piercing stare she would give me as she laid beside me…her beautiful dark eyes…they will haunt me forever.”

As we discussed the photo of Rare in her tracking harness that would be used for the portrait, Katie told me:

“Rare beat a LOT of specials and took most, if not all, of her majors at Doberman Specialities, which is quite coveted. She was a sight to behold in the breed ring. But her true passion was scent work. She was absolutely obsessed with it. She still got all charged up about it to the day she died…all I had to say was “find it!” and THAT look came out.

...This was the ONLY time Rare became animated and gave off this intense expression, from the minute the harness was on or if she even THOUGHT it was coming on.

It is her LOOK, eyes and expression that hypnotizes me.” 

Grisaille colored pencil portrait of a Doberman in a tracking harness, in shades of rust-brown on tan paper

Prismacolor pencil on Fabriano Tiziano paper

16 x 22 inches

From a photo by Debbie Christoff - Pawsitive Impressions Photography


⭐️ Grisaille is a single-color artwork, my most affordable portrait type. As you see from Rare’s portrait, grisaille can be very beautiful, while also keeping costs down. Learn more about my Grisaille portraits.


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