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Portrait of Daisy Bleu

I’ve been laid up with an injury since April, unable to work, so I am sharing some of my earlier portraits with you.

This is Daisy Bleu, created for her owner Tammy in 2009. It’s a “grisaille” portrait: a single-color portrait in black and white on grey. Daisy has one brown eye and one blue eye. At Tammy’s request I did her blue eye in color, the only thing in this grisaille portrait that was done in color.

Prismacolor pencil portrait of a Border Collie


A Grisaille (pronounced GREEZ-eye) portrait is a single-color artwork in light and dark tones on a neutral ground. It can be any color, for example light and dark shades of blue on a medium-tone blue paper, or light and dark shades of burgundy on pink paper. Traditionally, grisaille is done in classic black, white, and shades of grey like Daisy Bleu.

You can see many grisaille portraits on my website.

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