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Odie portrait in progress 13 - a special place

Beach-grass and path finished. When we were designing the portrait and thinking about the background, Robin told me that she and her husband rent a beach house every year and take Odie. Dogs are not allowed on the beach so they sit together and watch the sunset from the dunes...then after the sun goes down they take Odie down this path to run on the beach.

Robin wrote:

“Odie is so good just enjoying sitting there with me as people walk up and down the beach path by the house. Once the sun has set and the people have left, we walk down to the beach so he can run and splash in the tide. He loves this. He likes to grab his leash and pull me along.”

Beach dunes in a portrait of a red Doberman, in progress.

After Robin told me about those special beach visits (and I saw the dunes in some of her photos of Odie) I suggested the beach scene and a sunset would be the perfect setting for Odie. That setting and those fun beach memories are very meaningful to Robin. The background in this portrait is the exact scene they see from the dune where they sit together to watch the sunsets, and the path of packed white sugar sand to the beach. It’s copied accurately from Robin’s photos.


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