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Moto and Candy portrait in progress 3

The first eye finished.

Eyes are so important in a portrait that I spend a lot of time on each one getting it perfect. After I finished this eye today, and the forehead above it and cheekbone below it, I didn’t have much studio time left to do the other eye the same day. I don’t like stopping it half-finished, or continuing to work on it when I’m tired. I wanted to start fresh and do the second eye tomorrow. But I still had some time, I didn’t feel like quitting for the day quite yet. So I spent that time working my way down the left side of her face filling in the rust “thumbprint” on her cheek, and putting in a bit of the "transition outline" on the side of her muzzle. That was another half hour of work I won’t have to do another day.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman, in progress

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