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Moto and Candy portrait in progress 2

Working on the portrait of Candy and Moto in the studio today.

I have reference photos of Candy in front of me on the monitor while I work. The bottom photo is the one I’m working from. The others are some of the many shots sent by James, which I use to double-check the accuracy of her eyes as I’m working, because the eyes are such an important part of the portrait. Photos taken at different angles help me really understand the shape of THAT particular dog’s eye....the characteristics that make Candy look like herself.

Colored pencil portrait of black Doberman, in progress in Kevin's art studio

The pencil colors I’m using are on a sheet of white paper above the part I’m working on. To the left are swatches of those colors on the same grey Canson paper, to help me grab the right pencil I need, since many of the shades are very similar. Other pieces of white paper cover up the rest of the portrait to protect it from my hand while I’m working.

This portrait is on “Flannel Grey” Canson paper.


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